Gracen and Gracen Incorporated

since 1947

       Management Team    

 Henry Gracen; Chairman Emeritus, G&G Board of Directors

Henry Gracen is the father of Chaz and Pete Gracen and founded G&G in 1947.  While no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of G&G, he oversees its operation in his honorary role as Chairman Emeritus of the Board.


 Charles “Chaz” Gracen; President & CEO

Chaz Gracen has been the President & CEO of Gracen and Gracen for four years.  Groomed for this position from the very beginning of his career, Chaz got his start as a junior executive in the Leisure Division and participated in G&G's acquisition of Shelbrook Farms which became the first wholly-owned subsidiary of G&G.  Chaz rose through the ranks quickly with his determination and no-nonsense approach but still holds the family values of G&G in high regard.  In his spare time Chaz enjoys watching baseball, playing tennis, and fly fishing at Conner Valley ("Home of the Silver Trout").

 Pete Gracen; Senior Vice President, Acquisitions

Pete Gracen is Chaz Gracen's younger brother and holds a senior position in the Acquisitions division of G&G.  In his spare time Pete enjoys watching baseball, playing squash, and is a well-known connoisseur of fine wines & exotic liquors.


 Jeffrey Sykes; Senior Vice President, Business Affairs


Mr. Sykes is the most recent addition to the G&G executive team and brings considerable experience in the areas of corporate litigation and tort law.  His education was obtained from Yale University, where he majored in Business Law with a double minor in Psychology & Criminal Law. 

 JoAnne Meltzer; Chief Security Officer

As a former police officer and detective, Ms. Meltzer brings a wealth of hard-edged law enforcement background to bear in the protection of G&G's confidential information & 38,000 employees.  In her spare time she enjoys boating, Tai Chi, & helicopter skiing.  Ms. Meltzer has authored several books on the challenges faced by corporate security officers; her latest book is titled "I'm In Security".



  Leonard Littman; Chief Legal Counsel

Mr. Littman was hand-picked by G&G founder & Chairman Emeritus Henry Gracen to lead the G&G legal team consisting of approximately 600 corporate lawyers.  Mr. Littman brings over 30 years of legal experience to the service of G&G.